On Average, 80-85% of Our Referral Patients Sign An ICF.

Start Getting More, Higher-Qualified, Trial Participants — FASTER!

Why Go With TrialTech For Patient Recruitment?

  • On Average 80-85% of patients sign an ICF
  • The TrialTech Medical virtual dashboard enables clients with real time access to study metrics and analytics
  • We help in the facilitation of medical records from study participants
  • The TTM team provides ongoing engagement with referred patients — until an ICF is signed
  • Our tech & support team heavily reduces coordinator workload
  • Results based fees

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      How Does TrialTech Achieve Such Great Patient Recruitment Results?

      • Using online advertising, strategic testing, proprietary algorithms, & research, TrialTech is able to quickly discover common traits, behaviors & interests within a patient population.
      • TTM then develops content with messaging that follows protocol, is IRB approved — and performs micro tests to uncover what messaging resonates best with the patient population.
      • From there, we scale the process — using the messaging and advertising algorithm to quickly seek out and engage potential study candidates.  
      • Once a possible participant has shown interest, TTM’s team provides a pre-screening, to ensure that patient we recommend meet ALL of the proper criteria.  The more candidates we connect with, the smarter — and faster — our algorithm becomes at reaching the perfect candidates.
      • While all of this is happening, you are provided with the TrialTech Medical Dashboard — to log in and view — in real time, the progress of the study recruitment.

      The TrialTech Medical team is passionate about innovations in patient recruitment, client/patient relationships & support service. After years of experience we continue to love the work we do — and our results prove it.

      About TrialTech Medical

      TrialTech Medical is the patient recruitment services division of Scarritt Group.

      For over 25 years, Scarritt Group has provided the highest quality patient concierge services, which is why acquiring TrialTech Medical is the perfect addition to our family of services. We can now offer one of the most cutting edge patient recruitment providers out of Silicon Valley — to seamlessly provide even more outstanding services that ensure the success of our clients.