Virtual Meetings

Scarritt offers immersive virtual meeting solutions designed for all types of meetings, specializing in Pharmaceutical, Association, and Corporate. Scarritt’s Virtual Conference Center is the future of virtual meetings and events. It can be customized to create a live interactive meeting that keeps your attendees engaged. Within our Virtual Conference Center, you will encounter:

  • High Engagement Rates

  • Attendance Analytics and Reports

  • Customizable Polls and Surveys

What Are Investigator Meetings?

Investigator meetings introduce everyone that will be involved with a clinical trial. During this meeting, participants will learn their individual roles and responsibilities in the trial and gain a better understanding on how the clinical trial will be conducted. There are many considerations that need to happen while planning an investigator meeting—such as travel expenses and hotel stays. By hosting your investigator meeting virtually, you’ll experience a more budget-friendly planning process while providing each attendee with everything they need for the meeting.

High Engagement Rates

Conducting any meeting virtually comes with a list of challenges. Getting your attendees to be more engaged in a virtual meeting in comparison to a physical meeting is no different. However, Scarritt Group’s virtual meeting solutions are designed to be customizable, allowing your investigator meeting to be highly interactive for attendees.

Attendance Analytics and Reports

Included in Scarritt Group’s Virtual Conference Center is an array of analytics and reports that virtual coordinators can use to analyze how successful their meeting was. This data can then be used to guide in decision making in all future virtual clinical trials and other meeting types.

In addition to providing an exciting virtual clinical trial meeting experience, our virtual clinical trial solutions can also be used as a resource for sites and patients. Additional resources that can be provided to your clinical trial meeting attendees:

  • Artificial Intelligence Assistance

  • Training Portals

  • Medical Libraries

  • Patient Recruitment Materials

  • Patient and Caregiver Education Materials

Scarritt’s Virtual Conference Center is proudly FedRamp compliant.

Scarritt Group’s Virtual Conference Center

Our Virtual Conference Center is an innovative virtual meeting platform used by many pharmaceutical professionals organizing virtual clinical trials, investigator meetings and more.

Benefits of our Virtual Conference Center

Creating productive and engaging virtual meetings is our thing. Below is a list of benefits that our Virtual Conference Center brings to virtual clinical trials worldwide.

  • Immersive customizable 2D imagery throughout exterior/interior conference center

  • Branding opportunities throughout the platform

  • Multifaceted architecture: Lobby, auditorium, collaboration space, recruitment center, media center, working office space, exhibition hall, cafeteria

  • Learning Management System with Systemic Certification

  • Attendee networking and collaboration areas to stimulate engagement

  • Text, audio and video chat throughout all individual locations in the conference center

  • Option for presenters to pre-record their presentations and edit presentations prior to live meetings

Virtual Clinical Trial Solutions

We’re dedicated to providing a comprehensive virtual meeting experience that saves on travel and hotel costs while producing high engagement rates. Looking for more information about our Virtual Conference Center and how it can streamline your virtual clinical trials? Contact us online or give us a call directly at +1.520.529.0000.