Introduction to Investigator Meetings

Planning and Executing an Investigator Meeting

Investigator meetings are a chance for everyone involved with a new clinical trial to connect and to familiarize themselves with the study.

During this important meeting, participants will learn their individual roles and responsibilities in the trial and gain a better understanding of how the clinical trial will be conducted.

With many moving parts, investing in a third-party vendor that specializes in these types of events helps ensure no detail is overlooked. From attendee registration to the day of the meeting, a successful process requires expertise and flawless execution.

Only a professional planner like Scarritt Group can handle the complexity of organizing these highly specialized events. Scarritt Manages:

  • Registration and attendee engagement

  • Continuous communication

  • Travel and hotel logistics

  • Catering costs and menu planning

  • Educational and resource material

  • Audio-visual technology

Scarritt Group’s Investigator Meeting Solutions

Scarritt Group has been specializing in immersive investigator meeting solutions for over 20 years. After successfully planning and executing over 9,000 investigator meetings, Scarritt Group has the process down to a science.

Whether your investigator meeting is in-person, virtual, or a hybrid, Scarritt Group will create a highly communicative and memorable meeting that keeps your attendees completely engaged.

Face-to-Face Investigator Meeting Solutions

Planning an in-person meeting requires time, energy, and expertise. With attendees from all over the globe and hundreds of details to consider such as site locations and ground transportation, meetings can become overwhelming. Scarritt Group saves you time and frustration, making it easy to conduct your in-person investigator meeting. 

Founded with a focus on the importance of patient centricity and providing unmatched service, the Scarritt Group team consists of travel planning experts. With Scarritt Group’s array of solutions, you will experience a seamless investigator meeting, setting you up for a successful clinical trial. 

Hybrid Investigator Meeting Solutions

A hybrid investigator meeting is an initial clinical trial meeting conducted with both in-person and virtual attendees. While they may be less costly for you and your attendees, they still require considerable planning and oversight. Fewer travel expenses and environmental factors may mean more attendees and increased participation in your hybrid meeting.  

Scarritt Group’s state-of-the-art tool, EventStream, creates a signature experience for those attending virtually. With EventStream, remote attendees will feel the same level of interaction as those attending in person.

Virtual Investigator Meeting Solutions

By hosting your investigator meeting virtually, you will experience a more budget-friendly planning process while providing each attendee with an engaging experience. FedRamp and HIPAA-compliant, Scarritt Group’s Virtual Conference Center is an innovative platform tailored for the pharmaceutical industry.

Dedicated to providing a comprehensive virtual meeting environment, the virtual conference center is fully customizable and features:

  • Training portals 
  • Medical libraries
  • Educational materials
  • Questionnaires and quizzes
  • Networking cafeteria 
  • And more 

Scarritt’s Virtual Conference Center is proudly FedRamp compliant.

Scarritt is dedicated to providing high-level and efficient in-person, hybrid, and virtual investigator meeting experiences. Looking for more information about our pharmaceutical meeting solutions? Contact us online or give us a call directly at +1.520.529.0000.