What is Patient Centric Care? 

Quite simply, patient centric care places patient needs at the center of a clinical trial. Clinical trials can be overwhelming for patients, especially when they are at the forefront of scientific and medical discoveries. Scarritt Group Companies support groundbreaking clinical research from planning investigator meetings to recruitment to championing patient centric care. Putting the patients’ travel and accommodation needs is at the heart of our business.  Scarritt Group offers a patient centric approach to investigator meetings by putting the patients’ needs first therefore ensuring retention and ultimately yielding data that may lead to advancing important treatments. We offer resources, support services, and learning materials for patients entering their clinical trials to feel more secure and comfortable in their role. During the clinical trial, Scarritt Group ensures patient centricity thereby allowing the investigators to focus on administering treatments and collect important research.


Why is Patient Centricity Important in Clinical Trials? 

The purpose of a clinical trial is to make medical breakthroughs that may lead to an improved quality of life; though there are no guarantees, a trial runs much smoother with patient centricity being top priority. Being ill enough to enter an experimental trial is stressful already without having to think of transportation, housing, expenses, and time away from home. The added stress or anxiety of participating in a trial could affect the outcome as participants’ focus lies elsewhere. Without patient centric care, participants who feel overwhelmed could ultimately drop out of the trial, causing possible delays.

In order for a trial to succeed, it needs a diverse group of patients. Each trial needs patients of varying backgrounds to ensure more accurate results. Taking diversity into account is also part of patient centricity as Scarritt Group advocates for each participant’s individual needs. The comfortability of the patients, which allows them to focus solely on the trial, is integral to results. 

When thinking of your next clinical trial, consider partnering with a company founded on patient centricity. The success of a trial depends on the patients who are willing to participate; therefore, it is essential to practice patient centric care.


Patient Centricity in Clinical Trial Recruitment and Beyond 

Along with orchestrating investigator meetings, Scarritt Group also offers recruitment services with TrialTech Medical. The patient centric approach starts by identifying candidates who may not even be aware of available clinical trials in the first place. TrialTech Medical uses innovative technology in order to find the ideal patients. Partnering with a reputable company that focuses on patient centricity from start to finish is the optimal way to go. TrialTech Medical recruitment services combined with Scarritt Group’s patient concierge services relieves the stresses from participating in a clinical trial, not only for the pharmaceutical company but also for each patient.


The Foundation of Scarritt Group: Patient Centricity 

After supporting her father while he participated in a clinical trial, Adrienne Williams, CEO, founded Scarritt Group upon patient centricity. 

Adrienne Williams’s father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, and naturally, she and her family were afraid of losing him. Instead of watching his body slowly fail him, the family decided to enroll him into a clinical trial for Parkinson’s Disease. Adrienne’s father experienced lifesaving results. Due to her family’s personal experience with clinical trials, Adrienne decided to make clinical trial investigator meetings the focus of Scarritt Group. Mirroring the same care given to her father, Scarritt Group concentrates on patient needs to make the experience more comfortable. 

Even through the COVID-19 pandemic, patient centricity remained the focus for Williams. Concentrating first on investigator and advisory board meetings, Adrienne knows that the efficiency of these meetings greatly affects the medication tested in a clinical trial, and therefore the patient. Scarritt Group’s Virtual Conference Center offers virtual meetings and supports hybrid meetings to ensure every participant’s attendance and comfort level; furthermore implementing ways to increase engagement, all while effectively communicating behind a screen. 


Unparallelled Care with Patient Centricity 

Knowing firsthand how involved and taxing a clinical trial can be, Scarritt Group puts patient centric care at the forefront of each day. Creating a comfortable patient transition into their clinical trial is paramount to patient centricity. TrialTech Medical and Scarritt Group offer the following: 

  • Assistance in facilitating the patient’s medical records 
  • Clear communication with the patient 
  • Transportation updates 
  • 24-hour expense reimbursement, so there is no feeling of “strings attached” 
  • Respect and kindness 

Providing important services and a wealth of support is crucial in every step, from recruitment to the end of the clinical trial. Each patient needs unique support, updates, clear communication, and respect. When patients and their families feel respected and cared for, they are more likely to finish the trial.


For more information about how Scarritt Group can provide you patient centric clinical trials and pharmaceutical meeting solutions, contact us online or give us a call at 1 (520) 498-2900. Set up a free demo to see a virtual meeting for yourself.