Female CEO of Pharmaceutical Meeting Planning Company: Adrienne Williams

Adrienne Williams is the Founder and female CEO of the Scarritt Group Companies: Scarritt Group Inc., Source 360, Inc., TrialTech Medical, and Scarritt Group China. These companies provide meeting planning, patient recruitment, international destination management and concierge services to assist pharmaceutical companies organize investigator meetings, conferences, clinical trials, and more. Scarritt Group has helped countless pharmaceutical companies execute efficient meetings and has supported trials, leading to more life-saving pharmaceuticals and therapeutics introduced to the public. 


More Women in Pharma is the Future

Scarritt Group Inc., was built from the ground up by Adrienne Willams, starting out of her home over 20 years ago. Now the company is internationally known, has organized thousands of meetings, and employs over 65 people! It is safe to say that women are becoming more of a force to be reckoned with in the pharmaceutical industry, based off of Adrienne’s strength and persistence alone! 


With Scarritt Group Inc., being led by women, there is more importance placed on diversity. Including Adrienne Williams, the executive board is made of 50% women and 50% men. By comparison to other industries, the diversity within the Scarritt Group Companies shows the success driven by strong and capable female leaders.  The Scarritt Group team works diligently to empower other companies in pharma to provide the same opportunities for women and realize the successes that come from equality. 


True Leadership Through COVID-19 Pandemic

Although Scarritt Group has offered pharmaceutical meeting planning solutions since the beginning, the pandemic brought about the new challenge of social distancing. While the pharmaceutical industry has been slowly adapting to the benefits of virtual and hybrid meetings, it was clear that in order to continue on with clinical trials, investigator meetings would need to adapt rapidly to virtual meetings.   


By utilizing Scarritt’s Virtual Conference Center and virtual services, pharmaceutical companies can conduct efficient, yet safe, investigator meetings for their clinical trials. The Virtual Conference Center offers an intelligent assistant, training portals, medical libraries, patient recruitment materials, and even a virtual food court to encourage socializing on breaks, thereby increasing engagement. Virtual investigator meetings yield higher engagement rates and increased attendance.  Pharmaceutical companies also benefit from lower costs on travel, accommodations and meals. In other words, all of the needs of face-to-face meetings are met and even surpassed with virtual meetings, thanks to Adrienne and her team. 


Scarritt Group’s investment into the Virtual Conference Center positioned them to be a trusted partner to pharmaceutical companies through the pandemic. This further solidified their foresight, and the leadership of women CEOs in the pharmaceutical industry, as the world continues to adapt to new trends in the industry and the pandemic. In addition to virtual meeting solutions, Scarritt Group is well-positioned to manage face-to-face and hybrid meetings providing the perfect compromise between the physical and virtual worlds.

In conclusion, choose women empowerment. Choose women-led businesses. Choose Adrienne Wiliams’ legacy.  

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