Pharmaceutical companies dedicate most of their time to research and important meetings. Perhaps the most important meeting a pharmaceutical professional will be involved in is an investigator meeting. After all, investigator meetings set the stage for how a clinical trial is going to work to push either drugs or devices closer to being used. 

If you’re a pharmaceutical professional, then you know your time matters. It matters a lot. That’s why it’s important to make the most of every meeting you’re involved in. Without proper preparation, great communication and leadership overall, an investigator meeting can be full of unengaged attendees. This is especially true in the virtual world we find ourselves meeting in today.

One of the leading causes of clinical trials never making it past the investigator meeting stage is engagement. Everyone involved in these meetings has something to contribute, and getting them to participate is crucial for building a successful clinical trial. Below are a few ways to take your investigator meetings to the next level and create productive engagement.

Choosing the Best Platform for your Investigator Meeting

Although COVID-19 has forced the world to go virtual, there are several benefits of organizing an investigator meeting virtually. For example, travel costs and hotel stays are eliminated and attendees can participate from the comforts of their own offices and/or homes. But the platform you use for organizing a virtual investigator meeting can play a major role in the success of your engagement.

Ease of use, functionality and interactive features need to be considered when choosing the best platform for your investigator meeting. Scarritt Group’s Virtual Conference Center is designed to provide both the organizer and their attendees with all of the above, creating a productive meeting that pushes clinical trials past their trial periods. Learn more about our Virtual Conference Center.

Invest in a Solid Agenda

As previously mentioned, each attendee’s time is extremely valuable. Investigator meetings involve crucial stats and data points that can be a bit overbearing. This doesn’t leave much time for fluff and distractions. By establishing a solid agenda that focuses on key issues, such as potential and costly mistakes, you get the most out of everyone involved.

What about those meetings that are scheduled to go for longer durations? Providing times for your attendees to recharge and refuel is essential to making the most of an investigator meeting. Our Virtual Conference Center includes a virtual lunchroom, where attendees can take a break while interacting with one another.

Technology is your Friend

Participation is where continued interest is created. In the virtual world, technology offers a lot of opportunities to get everyone involved. Below are a few ways you can use technology during your virtual meetings to create engagement:

  • Create a level of competition while learning the details
  • Share well-produced videos from organizations and veteran investigators
  • Create an immersive, personalized experience using AR/VR
  • Integrate polls and surveys to influence discussion
  • Partner groups up for team challenges to build networking

With the right planning and execution, virtual investigator meetings can set clinical trials up for long-term success. Scarritt Group has dedicated its business to creating an immersive virtual meeting experience that sets pharmaceutical professionals up for success.

For more information about how Scarritt Group can help you provide a virtual solution for investigator meetings focused on high engagement rates, contact us online or give us a call at (520) 498-2900 and set up a free demo to see it for yourself.